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Non-duality and Conflicts in the World by Peter Dziuban - Part 4

Non-duality and Conflicts in the World - Part by Peter Dziuban

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(Continued from Part 3)

(The following is adopted from Chapter 18: The Only 'Stance')

Ven: And doesn't narrative (2) mean that there will be a greater degree of compassion for 'world affairs' because the inter-connectedness is emphasized rather than the non-existence of the 'world affairs.'

Peter: From the perspective of a finite mind or "witnessing consciousness" where there appears to be inter-connectedness—yes, it might seem that this means more compassion. However, as this is the realm of duality, this inter-connectedness equally could make for an easier spread of hatred.

What is so important to realize about the reply and comments regarding "world affairs" is that it is starting from, or taking the stance as, Awareness, Allness, Oneness, THIS which is without a second.  Here, all there is, is Reality, and nothing is seen as "unreality." This is "far better" than inter- connectedness because inter-connectedness involves a multiplicity, a many—and just as it can be connected, it can be divided. Where there are "not two" there is no need for connecting—nor any possibility of division.

When we start from a "mind-thinking" stance, which is dual, it seems there are Reality and unreality, or that something is being "wiped out." Awareness, as silent, gently alive Presence-without-a-second, does not think, so does not arrive at such "conclusions."

Now, after that long explanation, let's keep it simple and "see" what is actually present right here, now, as far as "world affairs."

There is present Awareness, which, as we've shown repeatedly, has no history. Any claim that there has been a prior time, a history in which there have been world affairs (or even a material world, for that matter!) would, at most, be just a current thought. And even the notion that Awareness has been present before (and that we've discussed this before!)—even that would be a current thought.

So…starting or taking One's stance as THIS (because this is what Awareness, the only One presently aware is doing)—all there is, is history-less-ness. All there is, is absolutely un-aged LIFE, being all Presence.

As THIS, there hasn't even been time before to create space or physical distance or dimension. There is no such thing as "out there" or "off there" where "past problems" could be continuing and perpetuating—because there is absolutely no evidence of either a past, or of any locations. The notion that there are, would  be only a current thought trying to arise "in the moment"—but for that thought to arise or entertained—there first would have to be an ignoring of Awareness. And Awareness can't do that.

It is not true that "places" or "conditions" have their own presence somewhere out there, and are existing on their own. No matter how "real" or "separate" they may seem to the "mind"—again, they have no presence or existence apart from the very current thought of, or as, them. When there isn't that thought, these "conditions" or "problems" are utterly non-existent.

Why is this "stance" not a matter of being cold or aloof, or un-compassionate? Standing as this effortlessly present, un-stoppable, absolutely un-aged Awareness-As-All, there is no evidence of an opposite, or of any kind of opposites. It would take two to have opposites or opposition—but these can't be found. As this un-opposed, un-aged Awareness is all that is, then this is all the Presence or "Substance" existent. This means there simply is nothing else out of which any kind of in-harmony could be made!!

"Standing One's ground" here is being as "compassionate" as can be—because here (which is All) there is only Oneness-which-cannot-fight-with-Itself.  Here, there is nothing to argue to the contrary—because there is no other to argue. Here, there is no evidence of lack or poverty, or lesser minds that are suffering due to beliefs. Here, there is no evidence of a prior state in which disease became an accepted part of daily living. Here, there is no evidence of "long-term" problems that must therefore continue to linger. Who says so?!

There is only the Self-immediacy of never-before, "fresh" Life, unrestrainable ease, utterly un-weighed, concept-free Awareness. 

(The four Part Series on Conflicts in the World completed)