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Non-duality and Conflicts in the World by Peter Dziuban - Part 1

Non-duality and Conflicts in the World - Part 1
by Peter Dziuban

[From Peter Dziuban's forthcoming Online e-Book: "Timeless Infinity"] 

Vijay:  I'd like to discuss more of what Awareness "means" when it comes to "world affairs" because it seems this is a topic that doesn't come up much in Non-duality.

Peter:  Yes, it would be good to take a real close look at them. Exactly what are "world affairs"? What, really, is that which appears as international relations, environmental problems, financial/poverty issues, natural disasters, terrorism, and all the rest.  Exactly, specifically where are they going on?

And what has Awareness to do with all this?

First, let it be clear that the "stance" or "perspective" being spoken of here is that of pure Awareness—which is the real, only stance existent, because only Awareness is aware, present, alive to begin with!

So…right here, now...what is Awareness to Its own pure Aware-ing?

This does not mean thinking about Awareness or intellectually agreeing, "Yes, Awareness is aware-ing." It is THIS very Awareness, un-thinkingly alive as the silent Presence It is. Awareness is clear, calm, still, as It "experiences" Its silent aware-ing—rather than thinking about Itself. Because words are being used here, it is easy to identify only with words and thoughts about Awareness. So just stop reading a moment and be or "taste" this silent clear Presence here, now. This now is not another who has "turned to" Awareness—this is Awareness Itself—for only It "knows how" to be aware here, now.

Start or abide Here and be or "feel" this alive ease or Presence while continuing to read.

Now, look directly for evidence regarding Awareness and these "apparent world affairs"—as has been discussed here before.  Can Awareness be said to have a boundary or limit—a point where It goes only so far and some greater state, one outside of Awareness begins? No. Many things appear to be outside or beyond the body now sitting at this computer screen—but nothing is beyond Awareness.  Stop a moment and see this for yourself, as Awareness.

What about what appears as the entire so-called world or planet? Is any of it, even in its apparent form, separate from or outside of Awareness—having its own independent presence? No. If not for Awareness, there couldn't even be said to be a world or planet, or any of the affairs thereon.

Much has been done here in previous posts to show the "transparency" of what appear as all things, or so-called objects. The entire would-be physical world (planet) of separate objects has been deconstructed to show it would be, at most, merely "mental" or thought. There is another example of this in Chap 13 of Consciousness Is All, free on the website on the Reading Room page.

What this means right here, now, is that, what appear as all objects—ranging from the so-called object earth, to land masses or countries, to bodies in those countries—every last one of these so-called "objects" really would be just "mental" or so much  thought, similar to dream-like mental images. Some of the body-objects (which aren't really objects) appear as mental images which are labeled normal citizens, some are labeled as government leaders, some as terrorists.

Now look at these images very closely. Can any evidence be found for separate "minds" or awarenesses inside those images? Are there separate minds there that can disagree with each other, act selfishly or greedily, or hate each other? The images may appear to be animated and have sounds coming out of their mouths called "talk"—but are there really separate awarenesses there? No. At most, they appear to be like images on a movie screen which have no awareness inside them.

Where, really, is the only Awareness, Presence, Power, that is present for what appears as this entire picture? It is THIS very Awareness aware right here. There is absolutely no evidence for another awareness anywhere. This, again, is NOT referring to a so-called personal awareness of a Peter-body, or a Vijay or any other body.  It is bodiless, boundless Awareness.

When it seems Awareness is ignored, and there is identification as one so-called "body," it is easy to assume: "Oh, those world problems are going on `way over there' far away from this body-me, in a distant foreign country.  Fortunately, those problems don't directly affect me (this one body), and besides, there is nothing that I (this one body) can do about them anyway."

First, look at this assumption that there is a place known as "way over there" where there could be problems going on.

It's one thing to start from the five senses and human thinking and say, "Oh, there's no separation, all is One"—all the while mistakenly assuming there still is physical distance, and that everything is somehow connected across that distance.

It is quite different to be pure Awareness, and be crystal clear that there is no such thing as physical distance!

From CIA p. 133:

               The act of sensing and the "thing" sensed are one. No thing exists separate from the sensations of      it—and no sensations exist separate from what is sensed. In other words, there aren't sensations of  a thing—only sensations as that thing. This appears to be true for all items in finite human experience!

               What it means is, there isn't the finite sensing mind and any item, or any form of experience apart     from the mind. It all is the mind; it is one. It means the finite "sense-mind" doesn't ever think about    a condition—the mind is the condition. The mind doesn't visit or think in terms of places; the mind  literally is the places. It doesn't sense all the planets and things in the stellar universe. The mind is all the things; it is the universe.

               The traditional misconception always has been that sense data is "taken in" from a thing "out       there" that is separate. There never is a separate object or thing out there from which to take sense data. Rather, it always would be the finite "sense-mind" experiencing itself—which it calls a  body and universe of separate things.

From CIA p. 159:

               The fact that there are only sensations, only "mind stuff"—and no separate physical objects from      which sensations come—proves there is no physical space. Why? To take up space, things would   need to be separate objects—for only objects would occupy three-dimensional space, not passing  sensations experienced in a dream.  As there are no physical objects, thus no physical space, anywhere, but just dream-like thought, then there is no physical distance or depth anywhere.

You already may see what's coming next. What about the assumption that there is a long background or "history" of world problems and international relations that have been going on so long they are un-resolvable? Who says so?  Is history-less Awareness accepting any such thing? Where is One's stance—as ignore-ant dream-thought, or as Awareness? Where is Awareness taking Its "stance" as the only ONE aware? Can Awareness be ignore-ant of Its very Presence?

(To be Continued ..... Part 2)


Anonymous said...

I think we can never know physical "stuff", space or distance directly. But it is a mistake to deny their probable existence. Granted, we will never truly know anything about a physical realm or other minds, nor about the past or the future. Yet they are real. Wars, conflicts and environmental problems are real, and we all know it.
Only we as self-causing agents aren't real, I think, and that's really neat. Yet we shouldn't bury our heads in the sand in the face of problems near and far.

Ramesam Vemuri said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your observations. But they raise many interesting questions.

You say that you think that 'we as self-causing agents aren't real'; but you believe wars, conflicts etc. are real. Suppose there is a conflict between Mr. A and Mr. B. If as 'self-causing agents' A and B are unreal, can the conflict between them be real?

If you admit that we are unreal, who is there to bury or not to bury the head in the sand?

Further, if all the perceived entities (wars/conflicts) are real, there will be a multiplicity of realities. It, then, cannot be Non-duality!

It may also be born in mind that Peter Dziuban's presentation here is as if Consciousness Itself is speaking.