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Non-duality and Conflicts in the World by Peter Dziuban - Part 2

Non-duality and Conflicts in the World - Part 2
by Peter Dziuban

[From Peter Dziuban's forthcoming Online e-Book: "Timeless Infinity"] 

(Continued from Part 1)

From CIA p: 231:

               Now look very closely where all—every last bit—of that so-called long past is. The entirety of it  would be found only right here in that current thinking of it. The entirety of what is mistakenly called "the past" isn't past at all—all of it is being projected only right now in that bunch of current thinking. That's the only place you come up with any of it!

               Mistaken human belief would try to say there are both that current thinking of a past and the other "real" past—the one that occurred in a physical world at a previous time. Why is that not  true? Because, again, absolutely all there is, is Consciousness—which precludes there being any physical world. And the fact that Consciousness, All, is changelessly Present only, precludes there being any previous time.
               The would-be ignorant "sense-mind" doesn't realize that its "world" never is a separate physical world, but just its own dream-like thought. So all that the entire so-called past ever could have been "made out of" is thought. And when you examine it closely, you see the shocking truth—that dream-thought never is something that occurred "way back then"—for the entirety of it is being  mentally projected just now!
               Go ahead, try as hard as you can to come up with a little bit of a "past," or a whole lot of it, in some place other than the current thought of it. It's impossible.

From CIA p: 233:

               Since the only place all of the so-called "past" would be, is in the thought of it starting right now, there has been no long accumulation of a past!  None! There is no past as a long continuum—for all there is, is Pure Present-ness.

From CIA p: 235-6: (Also found under "Present Consciousness" in the Writings section of the website)

               All-Present Being leaves no firmly entrenched problems!  All-Present Being leaves nothing to function as a secondary time-dream—no time mentality to assume it has long-honored problems  of disease, poverty, morality—or religious or national clashes.
               Even if such "problems" could be legitimately mentioned, they would be exactly like a dream, in  the very first scene of which, the very first words spoken by the first character to appear in the dream were something like, "We've tried and tried to find a way to end this conflict. But it's been  going on for so long, people have grown accustomed to it; it's become a way of life."

               Hey! The dream just started!

               There has been no long conflict, although everything about the background appearance, the dream's story line, would try to make it appear so. Some of the dream characters even may  appear aged, and some young. It may appear they live in an aging universe, and even use dream- science to show dream-evidence of their universe's great age.  But because the dream just began, how old could any of it be?

               If one mistakenly ignores the truth of Timeless Awareness, and starts with time-dream, or the un-  Real, one has taken on its state of unreal thinking. So naturally it is assumed everything has a long   background behind it.  It is assumed there are "long-term" problems that also must take a long  time to overcome. That all would be its assumption, not Yours.

               The Present's Timeless Absoluteness leaves no prior assumption of anything. The Absolute Present leaves no prior time, and no prior dream appearances—none. To the One Who Unfailingly Is All- Present, not a single time-event occurs.

               It isn't that the Absolute Present erases a past history of world problems.

               The Absolute Present leaves no history having occurred.

               The Absolute Present leaves no history of even Itself! Not even the Present has been before!

               All there is, is pristine Never-before-ness.

               There is only Pristine Pure Life in all Its indescribable Beauty—Absolutely Everywhere!

               A sparkling clean slate is all there is—permanently!

               Your entire Existence is so gloriously pure and fresh, so new and breathtakingly free, there are no words for It!  And only this Pure Absolute Freedom is present. Forever!

               This is why Omnipresence, Reality, or God, never can be used to improve previous human affairs, for there haven't been any previous human affairs!

               Nothing has happened yet!

               How could this Pristine Present-ness I Am possibly need to change or improve something that hasn't even happened? How could I fall for a dream appearance when only I Am, and there hasn't been any prior appearance? What's more, how could this Presently Pure One I Am have to improve an appearance that never will appear because only I Am?

From CIA p: 223:

               Does All-Present mean all or not? Are you judging by never-present time-senses, a fictional wispy state of thought that is-not, and letting its dreaming continue to appear as such conditions? Or are you busy being What Is, Absolute Present Reality, Power Itself? What is the Conscious Present Itself doing? Is there another being conscious, present?

               The un-lapse-able Absolute Present completely precludes there being any negation of Itself called time. So there can be no negative effects of time. As the Present specifically aware here, now, is changelessly All Presence, It has given up none of Its Absolute Being so a state of nonbeing, or history of national, religious, or racial animosity could operate.

               In the absolutely present Present, no past has occurred—thus there can be no past tendency of personal greed or selfishness, wreaking environmental havoc on a planet.  Again, in un-set-aside-able Present Reality there is nothing carried over from a past, since no past has happened. So nowhere in Your All-Inclusive Present-ness is there a desire for drugs, which in turn would fuel a history of crime.

               Do you say there are others out there with separate minds that are causing such problems?  Is Omnipresent Awareness Itself claiming such separate minds exist? There are no separate minds  anywhere. This One Present is the only One that is aware.
               Are you willing to admit that because this very Awareness is the Absolute Changeless Present, no such "problems" ever have had presence, no history of existence whatsoever—that no such thing ever really occurred? Absolute Present Reality never clears up problems, for no problems are present to be cleared up! They merely cease being "imagined" by a mind that isn't.
               It is Your Self that is the Absolute Present being spoken of.  As You are all that is present, it means Your conscious certainty that only the Present is present is all that is ever present—all that is  functioning!
So…Awareness (which is THIS present Awareness) precludes there being physical distance where anything separate could go on. There is only the Self-immediacy of Awareness' own ease, lightness, purity. To this present One, there also is no prior time at all—only an absolutely clean slate being the entirety of what exists! This is why this history-less Awareness, which is "without a second," utterly without otherness or opposition—only Its pure, clean Presence—is sometimes labeled "Peace."

From CIA p: 324:

               The Effortless Peace being present right here, now, is as potent and effective at the seemingly  most distant points all across "Earth" and a "universe" as It is right here, now!  Why?  There are no  distant points! All always is right here, as this Present Consciousness, which is Peace Itself. To Consciousness, a sense-dream of time and space and separation, never began—never has been present to interfere. All is Present Consciousness, Peace Itself.
               One never tries to correct a dream-world, or tries to have Peace spread "out there," for in Infinite Conscious Being, in All, there is no physical distance in which to have such a thing. Only Here, as  Peace's Conscious Ease, is all of Existence existing. Absolutely all there is, is the Ease of Peace that is alive Here; this All-Present Conscious Love.

               Peace's Changeless Absolute Presence precludes a changing time dream of nations, races, factions, or people developing a desperate need for peace. To insist there is a world separate from One, "out there," needing peace would be trying to superimpose a never-began dream state upon the Ever-Present Peace that Consciousness is Now. Who is there to do such a thing, Conscious Peace Itself being All?
               Peace's Utter Presence cannot be resisted by any body or thing. Mere things don't have minds with which to act contrary to the Already Omnipresent Fact that Peace is. Peace Itself is the only Presence, Self, or Mind there is. This never changes. It is Life's one hundred percent guarantee that the Ease of Peace is all that is ever existent and functioning.

From CIA p: 323:

               Peace is all that is ever present—as the Present Itself. This is the only place Peace ever can be—as the Effortlessness of One's Present Being. It means there is no wait for Peace to arrive any more  than this Present Being is waiting to arrive. Peace already fully is.

               Peace, the Effortless All-Embracing One, is being You now. That means You are the only One that ever can "experience" or be Peace, be Heaven, for what appears to be the entirety of Existence.  How often have you seemed to assume (actually Your Self never has) that there is a "personal you" and Peace...that there is "a" Peace you must wait for... connect with ...must some day bring  about...a Peace that hopefully, as you stick with Oneness, will appear to "spread over”  Existence? Absolute Peace already is being all of Existence now—so It is not a hoped-for quality that some  day will "come over" Existence.

               Softly Alive Peace Itself is now "occupying" the entirety of Presence as Omnipresent  Consciousness. Peace is present unconditionally, as All Presence. Omni-Peace already has "happened." Peace does not wait to enjoy Its own Omnipresence.

               …Any attempt to wait for Peace to come about in time, instead of consciously being It now, would   be merely dreaming that Peace can be postponed. Yet Peace never can actually be delayed any more than the Present can be delayed. Peace Itself is the Only One existing, alive, in the first place. As Peace Itself is literally all Presence, It leaves no absence of Its Presence, and no other that could ignorantly wait for Peace.

Bottom line regarding so-called "world affairs": Peace's Presence, as THIS history-less Awareness, is all that exists—eternally. Peace's un-withholdable purity and ease is the only "affair" existent.

(To Continue ....... Part 3)

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Unknown said...

Another view of eternal NOW by Yamate.
What is the NOW?. We are conscious of what the future is. We can say ten seconds from now is still the future. At what point, however , does it become past? As you count down to 1 second what happens? It passes and immediately become past.What happened to now? Split the last second into tenths of a second, hundredthe of a second, millionth of a second. No matter how infinitely you divide that last second, it is either still future or - zzzzip - it has become past. To our mind NOW is a nothing moment. It is a moment of which we have no consciousness. We have an idea of what a second is, and perhaps what a tenth of a second is. Beyond that our human consciouness becomes less and less capable of grasping reality.
Vijay Pargaonkar