Friday, February 21, 2014

Baseball and Non-duality

Thanks to all our Members and the readers, we will be celebrating the completion of five remarkable years of this Blog today.

I do not know how far the Blogger Stats can be relied on.  If we go by those numbers, the readership for this Blog comes from eighty countries and the monthly pageviews exceed 2000.  (Members who are more knowledgeable may correct me, but I suspect the count by the Blogger may include the web crawlers of spamsters).

A few of our Posts are reproduced by other blogs and occasionally some get translated into Spanish, Polish etc. languages.  I found one Web site rating this Blog high amongst Non-duality blogs.  We are grateful to all of them.

The most popular Post so far at our site has been the one on Annette Nibley with over  3107 page views to date.  The second most popular article was on Ardhanareeswar with 2846 pageviews.

On this happy occasion it gives me immense pleasure to write about my good friend  Gale McCray who has a charismatic personality and an ever shining smile on his lips.  I know no other person who might have met and dialogued with as many Non-dual teachers as Gale has.  He is a happy volunteer at many Non-dual gatherings like SAND, immersing himself in Non-dual wisdom of all shades.  
Gale is an avid fan of baseball game and he intertwines entertainingly the game with Non-dual teaching.  Jerry Katz interviewed him and Charlie Hayes last Wednesday  on the Nonduality Talk Radio. Here is the link to the audio record of their lively conversation. 

No matter where we are or what we do, every action done as an offering to that attributeless, formless and eternal Beingness-Knowingness-Infiniteness is the ultimate in Non-dual living.  It is this simple message that we learn from Gale's unassuming and modest life.  Thank you Gale.

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Peter Francis Dziuban said...

Thank you ramesam, and thank you Gale and Charlie.