Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Science of Enlightenment and Brain

The Science of Enlightenment and Brain

As we come to a close of this year, I post here two very fascinating Videos about the scientific work that is going on in some places in the USA relating to brain and the changes in it on the general topic of our interest - Enligtenment.

1.  UVA DOPS Faculty: Do We Survive Death? A Look at the EvidenceAbout 2 hr 30 min containing the Talks of five experts (+ Q & A) on:

        (i).  Mr. Jeff Olsen:  Shares his real life inspiring and moving story of Out of Body and Near Death Experience

       (ii).  Dr. Bruce Greyson:  Near Death Experiences

       (iii). Dr. J. B. Tucker:  Young Children Who Remember Past Lives

       (iv). Dr. J. K. Penberthy:  Mindfulness and Altered States of Consciousness

       (v).  Dr. E. F. Kelly:  Consciousness is more than a Brain Activity

2.  Finding our enlightened state by Andrew Newberg:  15 min 01 sec


Trust you will find them informative and enjoyable.

[Added on Jan 09, 2018: Our Readers may be interested to watch this Video of Dr. Klee Irwin. He explains the Physicist's approach to the problem of Consciousness.
Click here.]

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