Friday, August 18, 2017

A Beautiful Lady Inside and Outside!

A Beautiful Lady Inside and Outside!

Abhinaya (Abby) Vedula is my lovely daughter  who has a flair for writing. When she was a little kid we went on a trip to visit some of the famous places in Karnataka, India. She was quite excited to see the larger than life (59 feet) 10th century image of Gommateshwar carved out of a single rock at Shravanabelegola. She wrote a fascinating account about the statue. However, at the end, she said that one thing she couldn't appreciate - Why Gommateshwar was left embarrassingly naked!

 Now Abby is a mature adult taking care of not only her own family but also me and her mother with love and affection. She recorded her feelings at her own Blog on the expiry of my wife.  Making an exception, I present a link to her Post here on our Blog.

Please Click hereA beautiful lady inside and outside!  

Vijay Pargaonkar has been kind to send a pleasant and soothing flute recital by him - please click to listen -- ramesam

(Credits for the Pic of Gommateshwara:  By Rvsssuman - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Bev Byrnes said...

So very beautiful. It fills me with such a tender warmth. Thank you :)

Ramesam Vemuri said...

Very kind of you, Bev.

Thank you and regards,