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The Direct Path - Dr. Greg Goode Interviewed by Jerry Katz

The Direct Path - Dr. Greg Goode Interviewed by Jerry Katz
[Dr. Greg Goode is a well known teacher, author and Non-dualist, highly respected in both the Eastern and Western Non-duality circles. Jerry Katz interviewed Greg recently. Their very informative and educative discussion comes in two parts.

Maybe a slight slip or I may not have heard Greg correctly. At about a few secs after 27 min in Part -1, Greg says that the Chinmaya Mission follows Qualified Non-dualism (Visishta Advaita). Qualified Non-dualism is the theory of Ramanujacharya, a 12th Century philosopher. Both the Chinmaya and Ramakrishna Missions profess to follow Shankara's Advaita only, though, strictly speaking, they cut a few corners compared to the Monasteries established by Shankara himself - like for example the one at Sringeri in India.

I suggest that the Part-2 of the Interview may be heard first. The guided inquiry in this Part in order to locate the presumed 'self' is quite illuminating and very instructive. Greg also compares the Emptiness teachings with Advaita during his discussions -- ramesam.]

Jerry Katz in conversation with Dr. Greg Goode:
Date of Interview:  23 Nov 2014. Broadcast on Radio in Dec 2014.

Part - 2  -- 58:23 min

Part -1   -- 52:27 min

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