Friday, May 24, 2013

Dealing With That Uncomfortable Feeling of "Hurt"

Three Sages Advice On Dealing With That Uncomfortable Feeling of "Hurt":

Question:  How does one who understood Non-dual Oneness manage 'relationships' with others in the mundane day to day world -- especially in situations of annoying actions/words; avoidable remarks, unfair judgments etc. of 'others' and the inevitable reactions they produce within one's body? 

Even if we justify or explain away  all such things to be nothing but another manifestation of Oneness, all of it looks to be a drain on energy!

Peter Dziuban:  

What has been most helpful "here" is first, to recognize that anything that appears to be done/said in that way is done out of ignorance of who they really are.  And that seeming ignorance is no fault of their own.  The behavior isn't condoned, but the apparent individual isn't condemned for it either.  Then, all you can do is forgive and be Love.  That's all. 

Eckhart Tolle: 

How do I respond to another's pain-body (hurting me)? (7 min)

Rupert Spira:

How to Deal with Abusive situation - some one attacking verbally or behaving in a hostile way (4 min):

If someone said something that is hurtful, it helps finding who you are:(13:40 min):

Crumbling the 'cookie' that covers up the uncomfortable feeling (about 12 min):

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