Friday, December 21, 2012

Inquiring into Compulsion - Is Spirituality too an Addiction?

Inquiring into Compulsion - Is Spirituality too an Addiction?

We are making an exception this month for our Blog Post as 2012 comes to an end. 

Instead of an article as usual, I am presenting a Video Link to an intro on "Compulsion Inquiry" by Scott Kiloby.

Scott needs no introduction to the Non-dual seekers.

I have a widget** appearing regularly on the right hand side of this Blog giving a link to the "Unfindable Inquiry", a sharp tool devised  by him about a year ago to discover to our amazement that there is no "self", a solid 'me' sitting anywhere inside us.

[**  --  The Widget referred to has since been closed by me. The link does not appear anymore.]

As the year 2012 culminates, his message, on how we become slaves to one addiction or other unconsciously, and how our body gets triggered by subliminal signals of our addiction going below the detection limits of our radar, is quite timely.

Yes, spirituality too can be an addiction -  a 'pious' aim anchoring on which we would like to attain that unfettered, unlimited, unbound, and infinite Freedom of who we Truly are. We are not conscious how this 'apparently noble' addiction could itself  be the Trojan horse for the 'ego', the very thing we misidentify with and still keep carrying it in some corner within our body unable to drop it. Scott's device helps expose all such hidden crannies and that very exposure evaporates the ghostly ego.

Compulsion Inquiry (9.5 min):  Click here

A Demo (about 32 min, just posted by Scott (21 Dec 2012)):  Click here

There is also a new Web site just for the inquiries, along with a video demonstration of the UI.

[Some of the links to Scott's site may not be working now as he updated the info and modifed his web site.]


Maybe you had already seen these Audio/Videos; Even so quite worth watching again:

Non-dual Yoga Therapist Ellen Emmet: The Body of Presence - (Video 28 min):

Non-dual Teacher Peter Dziuban (Video 6.5 min): Notice Like An Astronaut:

Non-dual Teacher Rupert Spira:  True Meditation never ends (Audio - about 48 mins):

Professor of Neuroscience Bruce Hood: The Self Illusion ( Video - less than 30 min): 

Actor Thandie Newton:  Tells the story of finding her "otherness" (Video - about 14 min):

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