Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Recent Advances in Understanding the Working of Brain – Two TED Videos of about 15 mins

Neuroscience already debunked the existence of a 'self' (the small separate "me" we think we have inside us). It also established that there is a 'disconnect' between 'reality' out there and our 'perception.'

Your brain shows an interpretation of what is perceived depending on what it learnt in its past, the stored impressions. The brain even fills gaps in the information to show you what you need to know. Even the colors you see are not necessarily what exactly are out there. We know only what our brain ‘maps’ as what is out there rather than what exactly IS there!

Watch this entertaining and informative TED talk of Beau Lotto at:


Scientists are now able to tease out how the 100 billion neurons and their interconnections in the brain create a world for you. Dr. Henry Markram "uses complex models to precisely simulate the human brain top layers in 3D..... it has been edging up on some deep, contentious philosophical questions about the mind ."

You can have a peek at his work in the TED video at:


Advaita philosophy tells in unequivocal terms that the perceived world is an illusion. The world we create is nothing more than a thought. It is merely a "castle in the air." We build the castle because of the force of our past impressions – the Vedantic term is vasanas. We trap ourselves in that bubble of a castle, our own creation. And being caught up in the imaginary world of ours is described as "bondage." You cannot even destroy this world because you cannot physically hammer to pieces a purely imaginary construction which is not really there. "Freedom" or "Moksha" is to jump out of it and just “Be.”

Will modern neuroscience take us nearer to the Truth that advaita has been telling us for millennia of years?


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of solipcistic BS. neuroscience proves NOTHING , neuroscience is not even understood yet.
try again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the information from the past. SURE. the brain just gets info from the past os what is red what isnt red. Retarded article

Anonymous said...

and there is no "disconnect" from reality and our perception. you are directly perceiving reality, dumbass.